Awnings Sunshine Coast

Storefront Awnings For Your Sunshine Coast Business

Contrary to popular belief, awnings are also great for businesses on the Sunshine Coast. Since it is a seaside city, there’s a great opportunity to create more appeal, generate traffic and ultimately, increase sales. Here at Timms Curtain House, we will help you achieve this by providing top of the range awnings that will withstand harsh conditions.

As business owners, we understand how crucial it is to get materials that provide value for money. Awnings can act as your partner by giving off that inviting energy to your commercial space. Our team will work around your budget to achieve your goals and vision. If you want a unique storefront layout, we can also customise awnings according to your needs. Moreover, clients in different markets can also enjoy our high-quality workmanship. Unlike other companies, we treat each of our projects with an equal amount of attention to detail, on-schedule completion and excellent customer service.

Awnings Sunshine Coast

Awnings Sunshine Coast

How Awnings Can Help Your Business on the Sunshine Coast

From rooftops to trendy Sunday al fresco restaurants, awnings on the Sunshine Coast not only add a stylish touch to your commercial space. Competition in any industry only gets tougher over time. That being said, owners should come up with creative ways to stand out and fight through the competitive landscape. If you’re having second thoughts about having an awning installation, here are a few of the benefits you’re going to sign up for:

  • More Revenue
    Since awnings add more space and give an attractive look, they offer a great opportunity for increasing sales.
  • Branding
    Customers can easily remember your business with a great outdoor atmosphere.
  • Weather Protection
    Since the weather is unpredictable, customers who get caught in heavy rain can spend time in your space.
  • Improve Customer Experience
    Commercial spaces that look great add value to the customers’ experience.

How to Choose the Right Awning for Your Sunshine Coast Business or Home

While we can help you choose your awnings for your Sunshine Coast business or residence, it’s great to learn about your options. To help you, consider this guideline when deciding which awning you would like to install:

Type of Fabric
Vinyl and polyester composite is considered the most durable type of awning fabric, but can be pricier. While cotton blend canvas is a popular awning option, it is not as durable and resistant as other fabrics. Lastly, although acrylic fabric may not be as robust as other heavy-duty fabric, it is more reliable than cotton blend canvas.


To ensure your awnings last for a long time, choosing a durable frame is a must. We offer premium quality framings that are versatile, as well as rust and weather resistant.

Local Regulations
When you finally decide to install awnings for your commercial space, make sure to check your community’s rules and regulations.

Awnings Sunshine Coast

If you want to learn more about our awnings on the Sunshine Coast, feel free to contact our team.