Awnings Toowoomba

Why You Should Consider Getting Awnings for Your Toowomba Home

If you’re looking for awnings that can add value to your Toowoomba property, then you’re in the right place. As a window furnishing company with 30 years of experience, we have gained extensive knowledge in properly installing, maintaining and providing accurate recommendations. Consistently offering the same level of quality workmanship has become our trademark.

Driven by our passion for beauty and elegance, we are committed to creating any look our clients wish. Whether it’s a modern look or a period-inspired space, we have the expertise to achieve your vision. Educating you on how window treatments effectively work is part of our process to ensure your satisfaction. This means you should expect to learn tips and tricks from us as we work and complete the project. So, whether you’re on a tight budget or not, we will deliver impressive and long-term results.

Awnings Toowoomba

Awnings Toowoomba

Get the Best Out of Your Toowoomba Property with Awnings

What better way to indulge in the beautiful Toowoomba than seating comfortably under an awning? Popular for being a garden city, the precious scenery this location has to offer is not one you should miss. In fact, several outdoor activities can be made even more fun if an awning is installed to protect you from the sun.

These activities include:

  • Shade when firing up the grill
  • Provides shade to your deck when the sun intensely hits
  • Offers protection to outdoor furniture when not in use
  • Shade when you’re getting a tan
  • Additional space for businesses with alfresco features

However, poorly installed awnings can quickly turn into a disaster. Weak metal framings can be dangerous and cheap fabric may deteriorate more easily. That’s why it’s important to choose the right window treatment company. Here at Timms Curtain House, we only use products that we trust ourselves. Whether it’s for a patio, deck, window or other window treatment needs, we guarantee to provide superior solutions.


Not Your Typical Awning Installer in Toowoomba

All thanks to our awnings installation in Toowoomba, you can enjoy your next family and friends gathering with an added shade area. Our team makes sure that you savour these moments for many years to come. We are so confident with the quality of workmanship we deliver that we offer indefinite after-sales service.

Aside from that, many clients prefer us for our three main characteristics.


  • Always listening
    Before giving you recommendations, we will listen to and learn about your concerns.
  • Solutions-driven

Aside from aesthetics, we are for functionality and reliability.

  • We genuinely care
    The 100% satisfaction of our customers is our topmost priority. That’s why we offer six-monthly maintenance to ensure a stress-free experience.

Awnings Toowoomba

Bring that vacation vibe to your Toowoomba home with our awnings. Call the Timms Curtain House team today for a quotation.