5 benefits of Thick, Luxury Curtains!

5 benefits of Thick, Luxury Curtains!

There are many benefits to investing in thick curtains from Timms Curtain House…

Timms Curtain House takes into consideration technical specifications to reduce noise. We have a wide range of curtain designs that can help accentuate your space while reducing sound which can enter the home from the outside. Here at Timms Curtain House, we understand that background noise can be extremely disrupting when you’re trying to relax in your dining room, media room or living areas. This is why we are dedicated to installing thick curtains which block these distractions out of your home, with the added benefit of improving your interior design aesthetic!

1) Timms Curtain House can enhance the quality of your sound devices

If you’ve invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars in sound devices do you really want their quality ruined by background noise? Exterior sounds can interfere with your movie watching or music listening experience so it only makes sense to protect these sacred times of relaxation with thick, sound reducing curtains from Timms Curtain House. Our high-quality curtains can also blacken your media room, sealing your space from a light that can compromise your viewing experience.

2) Sleep soundly with Timms Curtain House’s noise reducing curtains

Did you know that it is much better for your health if you sleep in a completely black room? Therefore by installing heavy duty curtains in your bedroom, you can ensure that you get along and uninterrupted night’s sleep as our curtains will keep unwanted sunlight at bay in the early hours of the morning as well as keep noise debris from cars and people out. Sound reducing curtains can be especially helpful if you have a light sleeper such as a child or baby, as this can improve the quality of their slumber and yours!

3) Our thick curtains can keep the heat out of your home

In summer thick curtains keep the heat on the outside, meaning that your rooms will be cooler. They do this through covering window glass which quickly absorbs heat during the hotter months.

4) Reduce exterior/outside noise!

Nothing is more annoying than getting into bed and finding that the sound of a train or traffic pollutes your room. This is a common issue for people that purchase new houses without realising that train tracks or busy roads and highways are located nearby.

5) Enhance the appearance of your space

The right style of curtains can make or break a room. Here at Timms Curtain House we can install sound reducing curtains and provide a design consultation where we will speak to you about recommended colours, awning styles and pole wraps to give your room a luxurious feel.

Come and see our extensive range of curtains in Indooroopilly!

Timms Curtain House has been servicing the Brisbane, Gold Coast and South East Queensland region for over 20 years. Recently, we have assisted Winning Appliances to furnish their media rooms, in order to see our sound reducing curtains in person we recommend visiting their Indooroopilly showroom.

More about our range…

We have a long-standing rapport with our customers and we are passionate about providing only the highest quality curtains and blinds. We provide traditional slide curtains and standard blinds as well as more technologically advanced choices such as automatic sliding curtains. To see more of our range please take a look at our virtual gallery.

If you would like to find out more about the services offered by Timms Curtain House in the Brisbane Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions please do not hesitate to contact us.