A Designer’s Guide to Using Blinds in Gold Coast Interiors

A Designer’s Guide to Using Blinds in Gold Coast Interiors

Our homes are often reflections of our personality. While functionality and comfort are essential, aesthetics are just as important to many homeowners looking to showcase their personal style and flair.

In addition to being leading suppliers of curtains and blinds in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we at Timms Curtain House are also experienced interior designers. Here, we outline ways you can use blinds to achieve the perfect aesthetic in your home.


Finding the Right Style of Blinds

Window blinds are incredibly versatile design elements, helping to enhance your interiors through different approaches of controlling and filtering light. In the sunny Gold Coast, great options include:

  • Roller Blinds: Streamlined, modern and simple
  • Venetians: Filter light and create visual interest
  • Cedar Shutters: Add charm and class to your space
  • Panel Glides: Sleek, chic and ideal for minimalist homes
  • Roman Blinds: Create a clean, uniform appearance in compact spaces


The right blinds can be perfectly matched with your coastal, minimalist, plantation or Hampton interiors. In addition to style, you can opt for different colours, textures and materials to fit your space or pair your blinds with other window furnishings like sheer curtains.


Selecting the Right Elements for Your Space

Accentuate your window coverings by carefully selecting what other elements are in the space. Your choice of couch, rugs, coffee table, lighting, house plants, curtains and blinds can all compliment and accentuate each other in different ways depending on your selection.

Aim for a cohesive look that isn’t too crowded or chaotic. If you want to draw attention to a great view for example, allow your window to be the primary statement piece in the room by minimising other ‘loud’ elements in the space.


Maximise Your View

In the Gold Coast, many properties feature beautiful views you may want to maximise. Whether you want to look out over a beautiful coastline, river, city skyline or rolling hills in the hinterland, translucent roller blinds work great for maximising your view while improving insulation and light control.

Translucent blinds come in varying degrees of opacity, so you can choose how well you, and your neighbours, can see through them. Pair them with another set of block out roller blinds for improved privacy and light control.


Contrast Blinds with Furniture

Contrast patterned items with neutral or block coloured items for a satisfying visual flow. If your blinds are a single, neutral tone, for example, you can create a complimenting contrast with a patterned couch or vice versa. Your blinds should be nicely highlighted with the right balance, while preventing too much attention being drawn from other key elements in the room.


Add a Pelmet, Trim and Other Decorative Elements

Adding a pelmet to cover unsightly hardware while making your blinds more striking and creating visual interest. Decorating the frame of the window itself or adding a trim to your blinds are other options. This works best in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, where you can add utensils, plants or other items to the window frame.


Quality Curtains and Blinds in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Find the perfect approach to using blinds in Gold Coast interiors with our comprehensive collection of window furnishings at Timms Curtain House, which ranges from modern roller blinds to traditional sheer curtains. Get in touch on 07 3106 7355 or contact us online for more advice or to get a free measure and quote.