Accessory ideas for your curtains and home

Accessory ideas for your curtains and home

Finer details are often what makes a room, so which accessories will you choose for your home?

Curtains are often brushed aside as one of the standard furnishings that don’t require much thought. However, curtains are one of the most crucial design components of a home and can make a significant difference to the atmosphere and look of your space, whether it be the lounge, media room, kitchen or bedroom.

Timms Curtain House is a leading provider of curtains to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. The Timms Curtain House team has extensive experience in decorating and customising their clients’ homes with unique curtain designs that are handmade to your exact requirements and style preferences.

Combine a range of similar cushions that are not identical, for an intriguing and unique look

Nowadays, instead of having 5 matching cushions many people choose to decorate their beds, with cushions that roughly match in colour.



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This creates a layered look that also allows more colours to be incorporated into your palette. You can also vary the choice of cushions in size and shape as well as colour for an extremely comfortable appearance. Also by selecting the pink and green cushion, you can also incorporate the white cushion with green leaves and pink flowers for an interesting, fresh look. While these are recommendations, Timms Curtain House will always listen to what you want to create and it will always be our priority to fulfil this personal goal.

Would you like matching cushions with your curtains?

Timms Curtain House can also provide you with cushions and even a couch that is fully refurbished in a coordinate upholstery fabric. This will create perfect flow-through from room to room which helps with the overall appearance of your space.

Choose a piece of furniture to inspire the rest of the room



Many people select a key piece of furniture, such as a rug, to inspire the appearance and colour scheme of the rest of the room. This way you can be sure that your whole room follows the same theme. In the case of the image to the right, the curtains and soft furnishings in the room actually inspired the rug which was custom made to the client’s unique taste. This provided a sense of uniformity that looked appealing and also fulfilled what our client requested.

Many of our clients choose accessories that can be easily changed with their developing taste


By selecting cushions or flowers to define your colour scheme, and choosing neutral or versatile curtains you give yourself the freedom to change your mind more frequently.

As you can see, by selecting the flowers and cushions as the defining colour scheme space is a lot less dominated by colour, and a lot easier to change if the owner decides that he or she wants to swap to yellow instead of red and black.

Some of our clients prefer this option while some of our clients prefer choosing bold curtains as it expresses their character as seen below.




Before your appointment with us ask yourself: are you more bold or neutral?

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