Add zest, fun and frivolity to your interior this summer with gorgeous new colourful fabrics!

Add zest, fun and frivolity to your interior this summer with gorgeous new colourful fabrics!

At Timms Curtain House we have been very busy crafting a gorgeous chair from scratch!

At Timms Curtain House in Brisbane, we have just received brand-new, fun and colourful fabrics from James Dunlop Palm Beach that are sure to impress and inspire this summer! We were so delighted with them, we decided to create our own gorgeous chair from scratch and utilise these fabrics to create a fun and quirky piece that would add flair to any interior!

Summer is the time for fun and frivolity – why not liven up your interiors with a splash of colour this season!

Make sure your curtains are fresh for summer, too!

It is spring and you know what that means – spring cleaning! Now is the perfect time to check your curtains and all other window furnishings for any unsightly mould that may have resulted from the winter months.

During winter, temperatures drop and moisture accumulates on windows. This condensation can cause your beautiful curtains, panel glides, blinds and other window furnishings to collect mould- so it is best to thoroughly check them for traces of mould and dampness during winter and spring.

If your window furnishings have already developed mould, nip this issue in the bud by calling in the experts- curtain and window furnishing cleaners!

If you are lucky enough to have curtains and blinds that have not developed mould, some preventative measures can be taken to ensure the quality of your of your window furnishings for years to come. Always remember to air out and dry them on a regular basis, and check for moisture and mould.

Checking your window furnishings regularly can prevent mould from growing out of control in the warmer summer months. A little love and care can ensure the longevity of your beautiful window furnishings for years to come.

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