At Timms Curtain House we have been Working Wonders!

This month we have been very busy giving interior and exterior home facelifts!

At Timms Curtain House in Brisbane, we have been extremely busy helping families regain their sanity with sound-reducing curtains and beautifying blinds that had very much seen their day. We endeavour to help you jazz up your interior so you can feel relaxed and content in your home.

We are always ready to help you rejuvenate the look, feel and functionality of your interiors, and have provided several photos from our work this month so you can gain insight into exactly what we do and the problems we can solve!

Media rooms call for heavy sound-reducing drapery…

The below photos are of some of our curtain work this month. With families needing quieter media rooms, curtains are the perfect solution to help with acoustics.

The below red curtains helped our customers bring depth to their media room, with a vivid colour as well as improving acoustics by 15%! With a study located just behind this room, using curtains to absorb excess noise is an innovative solution to what would otherwise be a significant issue of conflicting interests.

Not only focusing on interiors, we also help bring life back to exteriors…

The look of your home from the outside can make just as large of an impression as the inside and is why some of our customers wanted to breathe life back into their broken blinds that not only looked unsightly but also presented a privacy issue.


In order to solve this problem, we installed new aluminium shutters and awnings that were painted to give our customers a beautiful new and refreshed exterior, and what a difference that made!




The shutters are completely restored and look absolutely beautiful. Their windows now look refreshed and good as new!

What our customers have been saying about us…

We are so thrilled to get any kind of feedback about our service and products, and we recently received this lovely comment from one of our customers:

“I feel like a ‘kid in a candy shop’ with extreme excitement waiting for tomorrow to come. Bev and Tom – thank you for such great service.”

We are here to help you gain the best in interior furnishings, and if you are ever unsure about what may suit your interior, don’t hesitate to call us!

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals…

At Timms Curtain House we are always striving to provide the gold standard in terms of service and products, and are glad our customers are enjoying working with us! We love what we do and are happy to help you with any window furnishing needs, as well as offering a FREE interior décor service which means we will help give suggestions and present recommendations to help rejuvenate your interior!

To discover more about our services or to book a custom design consultation at our Brisbane boutique showroom, please do not hesitate to contact us.