Beautiful Curtains for Your Media Room!

Timms Curtain House are curtain experts that have helped many clients express themselves through home decoration and curtain design.

Your media room is a place to relax and take it easy while you watch a film or listen to music. Nothing can ruin this experience more than ugly glare coming through the window, distorting the film you’re watching and hurting your eyes while you try and relax. For media rooms that have a lot of sun throughout the day, and especially in the afternoon many people choose block-out curtains so that they can escape to “the movies” at any time of the day.

Timms Curtain House is a Brisbane curtain company that services Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. If you have a media room that needs some love and care in the form of light blocking curtains then please call our team on 07 3053 5792. Our team has a lot of experience with a variety of budgets and always adheres to the budget you set. We will never judge your budget on your home and we will always provide a trust worthy service.

Take a look at some of our media rooms which we have helped create below:



This classy media room uses a projector which means that blocking out light is even more important. We have used dark coloured curtains in this media room that are lined with a block out material. Usually we would recommend extending the width of curtain to go passed the window’s edge so that less light will be able to get through. Also the tighter the windows are to the wall the less light will get in the top. This is normally easier to achieve with blinds although with curtains we recommend pelmets to cover the top of the curtains as these will eliminate a lot of light while also giving your media room an extra sense of luxury.

If you have a practical issue such as light coming in from a particular area or if you want curtains and blinds or block out curtains and sheer curtains to create layers, please ask our team. Our leading team member Bev Timms is a co-founder of Timms Curtain house with her husband Tom. Together they work towards creating beautiful homes that their customers have had a first-hand experience in creating. The Timms Curtain House team will always aim to solve technical problems with high-quality curtain solutions that adhere to your budget.

Separate a space to create your own media room

Can also be used to separate a space in your home so that you can create your own media room. Instead of sectioning off the room with walls many people prefer curtains as it will not limit your space as much and if you ever choose to sell your home the new owners will have much more freedom. As you can see in our above media room project the ceiling-height book case has been matched with the ceiling-high curtains. This can create a more luxurious look for your room as well as create the illusion of a heightened room.

Black is a popular curtain colour choice for media rooms as it lets the least light in. However if you do wish to select another fabric we can create lined curtains that will work for you. To begin viewing our curtain options please contact our team so that they can visit you for a measure and quote. Bev Timms will also go discuss the look you want to achieve and the style of your media room. We always want to see you happy with your end result which is why we involve you as much as possible in the process.

Book a free measure and quote on 07 3053 5792 or enquire online.