10 Benefits of Curtains in Your Rental Property in Brisbane

10 Benefits of Curtains in Your Rental Property in Brisbane

Curtains are a great option for rental properties, benefiting tenants and property owners alike. Explore the key benefits below with Timms Curtain House, your specialist suppliers and installers of curtains in Brisbane.


1. Light Control

Curtains make it easy to control the amount of natural light in the property. One of the most popular and functional approaches involves pairing sheer curtains with block out thermal curtains. While the former can be used to softly filter sunlight during the day, the latter allows occupants to completely block out light as required.


2. Versatile

Curtains can be customised to fit a range of different window sizes, and they suit many interiors, thanks to the different materials and colours available. Opt for neutral colours to fit the style of your property. Cream, grey, beige or taupe have a broader appeal, reducing the risk of a clash with any furniture and other elements a tenant may want to bring into their home space.


3. Cost Effective

Ready made curtains are a cost effective option for property owners wanting to furnish their rental homes. With eyelet, pinch pleat, sheer and many other types of curtains readily available in a range of sizes, you can easily furnish your windows without breaking the budget.


4. Easy to Install

Curtains are simple to install, making them an attractive option for rental properties. All you need is a couple of brackets and a rod to hang the fabric from. When you find a ready made curtain style and size that suits the window, purchase them and slip them on.


5. Privacy

If windows in your rental property face a busy street or overlook a neighbour’s property, curtains can offer a higher level of privacy. This includes adding thicker, opaque curtains or layering with sheer curtains.


6. Energy Efficient

Windows are one of the biggest sources of heat loss during winter and unwanted heat gain during summer. Compared to shutters and blinds, curtains are the most insulating window furnishing available. Thermal curtains in particular are highly effective at blocking out heat, cold and draughts. This offers tenants a more comfortable home environment while reducing wear on air conditioning systems in your rental property.


7. Reduces Noise

If your rental property is in a busy area with noisy streets, thick acoustic curtains reduce the volume of outside noise that can be heard in the home. Some acoustic curtains lower the amount of indoor noise, which is handy in properties with hardwood floors where footsteps and other sounds can echo.


8. Easy to Replace or Change

The fact that curtains are easy to install also means they are simple to replace or change if you want to switch up the interior style or replace damaged drapes. Simply slide one curtain off the rod and replace it with another of your choice.


9. Curtains Look Clean

Compared to shutters and blinds, which can get visibly dusty, certain window dressings, including linen curtains, are effective at hiding or reducing the volume of dust kicked around in your home. This also has the benefit of reducing allergens by trapping them in the material in much the same way as carpet.


10. Durable and Long Lasting

Made out of high quality materials and with far fewer breakable parts, curtains are a durable and long lasting window dressing solution for rental properties. As long as they are maintained with regular cleaning, they can continue looking their best for up to 25 years.


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