Benefits of Thermal Curtains for Brisbane Winters & Summers

Benefits of Thermal Curtains for Brisbane Winters & Summers

Thermal or insulated curtains are most commonly associated with keeping the cold out during winter. While that’s true, they also keep heat out during summer, making them a fantastic year round window furnishing for keeping your interiors comfortable. Here at Timms Curtain House, we supply stylish temperature-regulating curtains in Brisbane and throughout south east Queensland. With a variety of colours and styles to choose from, explore how they work and their benefits below.


How Does a Thermal Curtain Work?

Thermal curtains are made from particular fabrics, designed to significantly reduce heat transfer. These heat reduction qualities are achieved by making the curtain from a thickly woven material using a technique called triple weaving. For other types of curtains, the process involves applying an insulating foam backing or coating to the reverse of the fabric.

Through these technologies, these curtains reduce the amount of heat that escapes your home through your windows during winter while also blocking heat entering during summer. The result is a more comfortable, energy efficient home.


Proper Thermal Curtain Installation in Brisbane

To benefit from a thermal curtain installation in Brisbane, the key is to ensure they properly fit your window. Unless you find ready made curtains that are a perfect fit, you’ll typically need your curtains to be measured and custom-made. To prevent heat gain during a scorching Queensland summer, your closed curtains must completely block the sun.

Ensure that there is a good overlap on all edges of the window. This prevents heat from escaping during cold winters and reduces the volume of heat and sunlight that enters the room through the edges of your closed curtains. The curtains must also be facing the right way. If they feature a foam coating or backing, the coated/backed side should face the window.


Improve Energy Efficiency

When installed and used correctly, insulated curtains have enormous capacity to reduce household utility bills. With the reduction in heat gain and loss through the windows, your heating and air conditioning systems don’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.


Durable and Beautiful

These curtains are also aesthetically pleasing. Materials such as velvet in bold colours, like deep reds, allow you to add a sense of luxury and can work as a statement piece in a room. They’re great as media room curtains as well as in lounge areas and bedrooms, contributing to a comfortable, stylish atmosphere.


Sound Absorbing Qualities

Insulating qualities also make thermal curtains effective as soundproof curtains that can be used to reduce noise entering the home through the windows. This makes them ideal for additional sound proofing for homes along busy streets or for homeowners looking to create an immersive cinematic experience while watching movies with sound and light-blocking curtains in their living spaces.


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