Block out curtains could improve your sleep

Block out curtains could improve your sleep

As Australia becomes more and more populated neighbourhoods are becoming cramped, which means you’re less likely to be far away from light and noise while trying to catch up on your sleep.

Block out curtains are the best way to affordably block out light in your home, especially in rooms that are built for relaxing such as your bedroom or media room.

According to neurologist George Brainard, light at night (LAN) can actually operate as a drug to the human body. He states: “Light works as if it’s a drug, except it’s not a drug at all.” This is describing the effect light has on the body as it suppresses the release of melatonin and also heightens blood pressure, glucose levels and temperature.  All of these can, in turn, be lowered by darkness which also releases melatonin. Melatonin is what causes the body to feel like it’s ‘calming down’ late at night when it’s dark. You may also notice that on nights where you are exposed to the television or phone screen more than normal you find it harder to get to sleep. This is because melatonin is being suppressed, so you will be awake for longer.

The light coming into your window at night can also have an impact on how ‘rested’ your body feels. If you have a bright street light that always fills your bedroom then it’s important that you invest in the high-quality block out curtains for a peaceful night’s sleep. You should also avoid using any gadgets within the hours before bedtime. This will ensure that melatonin is released at the opportune time, which may also help fight premature ageing as well as minimise weight gain that has been attributed to late nights.

Block out curtains can also reduce noise

If you’re a light sleeper and you find that you wake up to cars passing or ambient sounds outside then you may also benefit from curtains that block out sound as well as light. Here at Timms Curtain House, we offer 4-layer block out curtains which have been shown to reduce sound by up to 12 decibels. This is perfect for light sleepers or houses that are close-by to busy streets.

Help your children sleep better with block out curtains

Block out curtains can help children sleep better, and in turn, may even help you sleep better too! If you have a baby or young child then you probably know how difficult it is to get them to sleep and to keep them asleep throughout the night. The last thing you need is light or any small sound disrupting their slumber, which is why we can provide block out curtains in a range of fabrics, suitable for both children’s bedrooms and adult bedrooms.

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