Block Out Curtains to Reduce Your Electricity Consumption

Block Out Curtains to Reduce Your Electricity Consumption

Reducing electricity consumption over summer can be difficult; however, block out curtains may be the solution

Australians experience weather conditions unlike many others. Our scorching summers and lack of central heating in the winter mean that our air-conditioning units often work overtime.

Depending on the type of house you own, the location and its design, there may be a number of things you’re doing that are directly affecting the climate of your home. Making some simple changes to the interior furnishings of your house that can help to reduce your electricity bill and you need to run your air-conditioner year-round.

Old Homes

Some old homes are prone to drafts through cracks and windows. These drafts can cause you to lose cold air during the summer and allow heat to escape during the winter.

Block out curtains are extremely effective at blocking these drafts and trapping the air inside your house. Even standard curtains can help to reduce this loss of air by up to one-third. Depending on the season, there is a need for both allowing warm air in and keeping it out. However, ensuring you have functional block out curtains can help you to control and maintain a comfortable interior climate.

This means you can run your air-conditioning unit at an energy efficient 24 degrees, keeping your interior at a comfortable temperature, without putting excess strain on the system.

Exposed Glass Windows

On the other hand, sealed exposed glass windows can still account for 10-25% of thermal energy loss in the home. Using block out curtains and closing them before you turn on the air-conditioning unit can help to reduce your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Another advantage to block out curtains is that you can enjoy movies or even a nap in total darkness during the middle of the day.

Using a Fan

The advantage of leaving your block out curtains drawn during the hottest part of the day is that you can often just turn on a ceiling or pedestal fan to keep cool instead of running your air-conditioner constantly.

Your block out curtains can act as a form of insulation, keeping out the hot air and making it far easier to cool your home down and keep it that way.

Combining Block Out Curtains with Awnings

Awnings are also a great way to keep the sun out. Awnings not only provide shade for the inside of your home, but they also help to increase the shady areas outside your home.

Folding arm awnings have a sun protection factor of SPF 50+ and have both functional and aesthetic appeal. They can be retracted and hidden away in the winter months to keep your outdoor area tidy and prolong the life of the awning.

Let Timms Curtain House Help to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Combining block out curtains with awnings, or simply using either on their own can help you to reduce your electricity bill during the summer and winter months. Combining these products with a number of small techniques can have a great effect on the climate of your home.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your electricity bill while creating a stylish interior, contact the friendly team at Timms curtain house today. We provide customers with the highest quality products whilst delivering personalised customer service. Get a quote today to get started!