The Best Way to Block Out Light in Your Home

At Timms Curtain House curtains are our passion, and we like creating solutions for our clients that work for them, as well as suit their personal style

Many of our customers ask us about the best way to block out light in their home as they find blinds just don’t cut it. In these situations, our team would normally recommend custom made blockout curtains, as they will address these concerns.

We always work with the light in your home

While the correct lighting is essential to the appearance of rooms like the kitchen, it can also be extremely beneficial to darken a room depending on the intended use. For rooms like bedrooms or media rooms, it will often be desirable to have the ability to completely darken the room when necessary.

It is in these rooms that light weep will become a problem which is why our team will work with your home and your needs to ensure that you have the best solution. This will include assessing the direction of the sun and whether or not your window will require a pelmet.

Below you can see the drastic difference blockout curtains can make



The benefits of blockout curtains

When you are trying to decide between blockout, normal curtains, or blinds for your home, there are a number of benefits that you should consider:

  • A dark bedroom can improve your quality of sleep
  • Furniture can be protected from sun damage
  • There will be no glare when watching movies
  • Your baby’s naps can improve as a nursery can be darkened to create the illusion of night time
  • Potential temperature control

The difference between blinds and blackout curtains

Many people make the mistake of choosing blinds without considering the needs of their room. It’s important that you don’t choose your window treatments frivolously. The wrong choice could lead to an undesirable appearance and unwanted light weep if you do not consider lighting a factor before making your purchase.

If light reduction is a predominant factor when it comes to choosing a solution then we will always recommend blockout curtains. Blinds simply do not have the same ability to block out light. Take a look below to see some examples of light weep with roller blinds.


Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and plastic blinds also let in significant light as they have even more gaps compared to roller blinds. When you compare the light weep above to blockout curtains, it is clear that curtains are the superior solution.


World class service with Timms Curtain House

At Timms Curtain House, we will discuss your needs with you to determine the style of window treatments you require. We have years of experience helping clients select the best solution for them, both functionally and appearance-wise.

If you are considering blockout curtains in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, or the Gold Coast, Timms Curtain House can help. We offer custom made curtains made especially to meet your tastes and needs.

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