Curtains for Wide Windows

Curtains for Wide Windows

A massive trend in modern architecture is wide windows which are often dressed with curtains to create a cosier look.

The fault that comes with having wide curtain-less windows is that they can leave the room looking cold, bland and stark. A great view can only get you so far, and most people will want a cosy atmosphere at one point or another to watch a movie or simply have a quiet night at home.

Sheer curtains to dull the sunlight

If you still want to let some light in during the day, but you don’t want the glare of sun streaming through your windows then these can be great. They will provide a very subtle look that can still make a huge difference to your room.

Take a look at the room below and you’ll be able to see that the grey colour of the curtains ties the whole room together, and creates a cosier atmosphere.

Layered sheer curtains for wide windows


Sheer curtains can also be layered so you have full control over how much light you let in. Some people choose a dark blockout curtain with a lighter colour on top or Vis versa for a cosy look.

Blockout curtains in a neutral colour for wide windows


Many people choose curtains for their wide windows that match the colour of the walls. This ensures that the curtains don’t distract from the overall look of their room – as it would be completely different with purple curtains or dark chocolate curtains. It all depends on you and your particular tastes!

As you can see in the photo above, the bottom of the curtains is almost the same as the floorboards and the rest of the curtains are the same as the walls. They are also curtains on tracks that are flush to the ceiling to make the most of the beautiful height of the wide windows.

Dark curtains on a wide window




Darker coloured curtains are great to block out light and create a cosy mood or atmosphere for your home. This style of curtain is perfect for a media room – where noise reducing curtains can also be used.

Fancy Curtains on a wide window



Sometimes people with large window spaces choose to do something more unique since they have such a large area to play with. As you can see in this image, the sheer curtains are layered and then tied at the bottom with a curtain tie back.

You may even just want to do this if you’re hosting a special event or to decorate an open home.

Timms Curtain House can help you dress wide windows

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