Curtains or Blinds: What suits you best?

Curtains or Blinds: What suits you best?

The decision to cover your windows can be a difficult one, this decision brings with it a lot of choices. Some choices such as colours and styles may be simple, although other choices such as curtains, blinds, openings etc. may not be as easy.

Although both curtains and blinds cover your windows and can increase function to your home they are both very different and suit different people with different wants and needs.


Traditionally, curtains will serve a different purpose to blinds. Curtains have many practical positives that blinds do not. Curtains are great at cancelling noise which makes them the perfect choice for your media room/home cinema. Curtains will also give great temperature control working as insulation that can be opened and closed, almost like turning climate control on in a sense. Curtains will generally soften a space being able to turn a house into a home or a stark area into a softened area that automatically changes how you feel. Another benefit and advantage of curtains are that they will last longer then most people will live in their current house. The typical age of quality curtains and fabrics to deteriorate can be 20 years or more if cared for correctly.

Blinds are by no means a new thing in regards to covering windows but they are definitely new when compared to the concept of curtains. Blinds represent a completely different range of benefits to cater for a different person. Blinds are perfect for the person looking for a simple or minimal covering. Blinds generally will stand for function over form but with a vast array of fabrics and be setting options they can be very elegant and sophisticated looking as well. Blinds are clean cut window coverings with straight edges and boxy looks to match windows. Blinds are fortunate in that they are generally cheaper to manufacture, install, maintain and if necessary replace then any other coverings.

Even if both curtains and blinds are polar opposites in ways, they come together in the fact that they are both great options for the right people in the right places. Often people will opt for curtains in areas they want to be warm and be inviting with blinds being the choice for areas where functionality is more important than the look or feel of a room.