Different Types of Curtains

Different Types of Curtains

Choosing the right curtains for your space is more difficult than you think. Timms Curtain House in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast can help make this decision easier.

What curtains should I choose?

Curtains require more thought than you realise, and you can make the most of your space with custom-made curtains. Take a look at our video to see the different types of curtains that are available to you:

Common questions about curtains

What curtains suit a home theatre?

Usually something a little more extravagant looks good in a home theatre. This can include pelmets and valances paired with an S-fold curtain or a pinch pleat curtain. You have many options to make your room look luxurious from fabric to type of curtain choice.

Are custom made curtains worth it?

The mistake that lots of people make is telling themselves ‘So I have a window, I just need a normal curtain right?’ This is not true as there are many things you need to consider when it comes to choosing a curtain that suits your needs.

Custom made curtains allow you to achieve the exact look you want as well as address any technical requirements of your room. You can easily block out sun or reduce sound with custom made curtains, while finding a fabric you love! Some companies including Timms Curtain House also offer ongoing maintenance which makes it a lot easier if something was to go wrong. If something does happen to your curtains we provide six months free maintenance for any functional problems.

Here are some questions which may help you assess what type of curtains you need:

  • Does sun glare ever annoy me in this room?
  • Is there a road or school close by that causes lots of noise to travel into this room?
  • Do I want to go for a particular ‘look’ i.e. luxurious, modern or homey?
  • Do I want a curtain that looks a little special such as with a valance, swags or tails?
  • Do I want to layer curtains for versatility such as sheer curtains and thick curtains?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then custom made curtains in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast would benefit you more than ready made curtains.

Custom Curtains Brisbane

Timms Curtain House provides custom made curtains to Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We can come to you to take a look at your room and provide a measure and quote once we know all of the things you want out of your curtain makeover.

We’re always happy to talk to our clients about curtains, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.