Do shutters help with insulation?

Do shutters help with insulation?

Shutters are an energy efficient option and can help to insulate your home.

The winter months are fast approaching, and while Brisbane is generally dry and mild over the cooler season, you might be wondering how you can make your home as comfortable as possible as the temperatures begin to drop. When the weather is cold, much of the heat in a home is lost through the windows. Conversely, the sun can make a room very hot when the rays come through the windows in summer.

For these reasons, insulation is an important factor in any home. The good news is that shutters can be helpful when it comes to regulating the temperature of your home. They are a good option for anyone who is in search of an energy efficient solution to retaining heat in their home. Read on to find out more about what shutters could do for your space…

Do shutters help with insulation?

When it comes to insulation, shutters can be very helpful. In fact, they are often more energy efficient than many other options that are available on the market. This is because they are generally very well insulated and can let heat in better than most blinds and awnings, whilst also keeping the heat out for longer periods of time in the summer.

Another way in which shutters help to regulate the temperature of a room is by reflecting the rays of the sun. This helps to maintain a cool and consistent room temperature. On the other hand, when shutters are fitted directly onto the window frames, and minimal gaps are left for cold air to come in, shutters can go a long way in keeping cold drafts at bay.

Can shutters keep sound out?

Besides their ability to provide temperature control and insulation, shutters can also help to reduce outside noise if this is a concern for you. Wooden shutters, in particular, reduce sound especially if they are fitted directly onto the window. This often makes shutters an appealing option for those who have homes on busy streets, or simply want to enhance a sense of peace and tranquillity in the home.

Which style should you choose?

The type of shutter that you choose will really depend on your particular needs and aesthetic goals, and what you want to achieve with this addition to your home. For optimal protection from outside temperatures, both hot and cold, one of the best options to consider is full height shutters. Solid shutters, which are made up of solid panels and no slats, are also a good option because they allow very little noise and air to enter and provide an incredibly solid and stable barrier between your home and the outside world.

If you are trying to choose between shutters or curtains and blinds, you need to think about what it is that you want from your window coverings — shutters will always be more effective when it comes to regulating temperature and light because they are installed directly into the recess of the windows. But, if these factors are not priorities for you, there are a range of curtains and blinds that could work just as well for your particular purposes.

How can we help?

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