Don’t be afraid to opt for the subtle route

Don’t be afraid to opt for the subtle route

When it comes to your space it’s the small and even invisible details that matter!

Here at Timms Curtain House we are experts at enhancing spaces with curtain and blind choices. If you are located in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast area then we are the experts in curtains and blinds and can come to you in order to customise your space. While there are many ways to customise a space – some more extravagant than others – we often find that subtle change can make a huge difference. No matter whether it’s through a small splash of colour, a touch of modernity or even sound reducing curtains to ensure a sanctuary of quiet relaxation we have curtains to suit your needs and desires!

A splash of colour goes a long way!

When it comes to customising your space a splash of colour is often the best choice to add a bit of personality. Personality can also be achieved with patterns which are tastefully recommended by our curtain experts in accordance with your furniture palette or your interior design preferences. As you can see below a tasteful touch of colour can significantly enhance a space or tie in your furniture with your surroundings. Our team can take the upmost care to carefully match your curtain textile to your furniture and surroundings. If colourful, standout print curtains are not your style you may wish to simply decorate a curtain panel with a hint of colour, which will simply enhance but not dominate a room.

Motorised curtains can subtly enhance your area and give it a modern feel

If you’re looking to entertain or simply infuse a bit of elegance with your space then motorised curtains and blinds are your best options. Not only do they look elegant and modern, but they are also convenience as you can close them with the touch of a button. They are a popular choice for media rooms that often benefit from a touch of luxury to enhance your overall movie experience! This way you can feel like you’re visiting the theatre every time you slip away into your media room.

Sound reducing curtains will not go unnoticed…

If you live in a busy area or near loud neighbours then sound reducing curtains could be a great investment for you. We have a range of sound reducing curtains which can be installed to create a space with significantly reduced sound so that your relaxation is not disrupted. One of our most popular choices are our 5 layered curtains which have been proven to reduce sound up to 12 decibels. This makes them a great choice for a media room, living room or even a nursery so that nothing disrupts your most treasured times of rest or relaxation.

Timms Curtain House conveniently services Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast area

Timms Curtain House operates by appointment, which means that we can come to you! If you’re looking for a broad range of blinds and curtains to enhance your space then look no further.

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