Give Life to Your Old Favourite Furniture with Timms Curtain House

Give Life to Your Old Favourite Furniture with Timms Curtain House

Do you have an old one seater collecting dust in your rumpus room? Own a three-seater lounge that has all manner of stains and tears? You may want to consider your options before throwing it out…

Are you in a position where you would like to upgrade, throw out or sell an old piece of furniture? With the availability of so many different types of furniture it is understandable why, every now and then, we start to get a little tired of looking at the same old piece of furniture. We want something new, something fresh, and something that can welcome us when we come home and make us feel instantly better. It is easy to throw your furniture away however, instead of seeing your old furniture as a burden, think of it as an opportunity! Give it new life. Furniture might look complicated and once there are tears and stains they might seem unfixable, however they are one of the easiest things to revamp and reuse – underneath all of that fabric they are simply frames. Like the frame on a calico canvas.

First determine whether your piece of furniture is valuable…

If you have purchased your piece of furniture from a franchise in the past five years, chances are your furniture is not going to be worth more than what you paid for it. Generally when selling furniture (similar to a car) you will not receive the price you paid for it. The value of your furniture will be determined by its age, authenticity, style and upkeep. Sometimes you might find the furniture you inherited from your family might lose its value if you reupholster it, so it is important to determine worth before doing anything to your furniture. Look for manufacturing labels, the fabric types, the style of your furniture (to determine the year it was in fashion) and whether it is a replica or original.

There are many different reasons why upholstering might be a suitable option for you…

At Timms Curtain House we offer our refurbishing services to save and upgrade existing furniture. When our clients come to us to seek advice on their old furniture we like them to consider the following questions to give us an idea of why you want to change it and what are you going to do with it. This can help us give suggestions of how we here at Timms Curtain House can help you achieve your goals for your old furniture.

Do you like the colour of your furniture?


This is one of the most common concerns for refurbishing furniture. Furniture can come in a variety of patterns, colours, textures and shapes and after a while what we loved about the piece of furniture can actually begin to annoy us. Take this chair for example, our client was unsatisfied with the colour and pattern of the chair, so together we worked to choose a new colour to suit the client’s needs.

Does your furniture match your décor?

Have you decided to change your décor and found your furniture resisting the change? It might appear more convenient to go out and buy some new furniture, but in all honesty all your furniture needs is new ‘clothing’. Furniture is essentially made of frames and fabric, redesigning them can be as simple as reupholstering new fabric to make it look brand new.

At Timms Curtain House we can come to your home to help get a feel for your new décor and give you advice on how to reupholster your furniture to suit it. We work with our clients to discover their needs and desires for the perfect living space.

Are you going to sell it, give it to charity or give it as a gift?

Selling old furniture is a great way to make some extra money, however did you know that furniture is one of the greatest gifts you could give or receive? Take in a friend’s old piece of furniture and refurbish it to suit your home or give an old sentimental family item life again.

Is it out of date and unfashionable?


Sometimes furniture that was modern and stylish ten years ago can look wrong today. “Timeless” trends, the “perfect” colours and fantastic patterns of a bygone era can leave you wondering “why did I ever buy this?” Thankfully vintage trends are starting to make a comeback, however it’s much better to have a piece of furniture that suits you perfectly than one you might have to replace again a few years down the track. This client considered her one seater to be out-dated and in need of a new lease on life.  Together we decided on a modern design which completely changes the entire look and appeal of the lounge chair. What do you think?

Does it need repairing or is it beyond saving?

At the end of the day, the main reason why you might need a new piece of furniture is because it is broken. Rips, tears, stains and uneven varnish are easily fixed but lounge dents, broken legs and other tougher repairs may be more than a little hard work. At Timms Curtain House we are seasoned professionals and we will be able to give you an honest opinion on whether a piece of furniture is saveable, or whether it is worth saving.

Are you interested in refurbishing old furniture with a professional touch? Make an appointment today with Timms Curtain House and together we can come up with a way to bring life to your old furniture!