How to choose new curtains

How to choose new curtains

The right curtains can improve the aesthetic of your home.

If your home décor is in need of an update, you might consider getting new curtains. Curtains serve an important function, but they also play a role in creating a pleasing aesthetic in any room. When it comes to choosing new curtains, there are a number of factors to consider — read on for our tips on selecting the style that suits you best…

Consider the fabric

When it comes to curtains, the material you choose will depend on whether or not you would like to reduce noise in your space and how much light you would like to block out. Therefore, choosing the right material is an important consideration, both in terms of function and aesthetic.

Noise reduction curtains are typically made from thick and heavy, tightly woven fabrics, such as velvet, satin and polyester. Block-out curtains, designed to prevent outdoor light from entering a room, are usually made with multiple layers of fabric with opaque interfacing.

If you are not too concerned about light and noise reduction, you might choose a lighter fabric. In fact, you might like to let some natural light into your space, in which case you should choose a fabric accordingly.

Choose the type that suits your space

There are so many types of curtains and blinds available, so you will need to think about what works for your particular windows. If you are short on time and want to refresh your home quickly, you might choose readymade curtains — these are installed on a pole and the whole process can be completed in as little as one morning.

Although readymade curtains are a convenient option, we encourage our clients to consider custom-made curtains if they have the time. Custom curtains are made to fit an individual space perfectly, and you have the opportunity to choose a fabric and colour that really works for your space.

Think about the room

The curtains that you choose will largely depend on which room in your home you are redecorating. In many cases, thick curtains and blinds are well suited to bedrooms where factors like privacy, light and noise are considerations. Similarly, thick curtains (such as block-out curtains) are often a good option for media rooms where one might need a completely dark space. On the other hand, lighter curtains are suitable for some living rooms, playrooms, and even kitchens.

When choosing your curtains, be sure to take into consideration the dimensions of your windows and doors, as well as where they are placed in the room. This may affect the type of curtain or blind that you choose. You should also think about the design of the room and the colour of the walls and soft furnishings.

How can we help?

At Timms Curtain House, we offer readymade, custom-made, noise reduction and block-out curtains. If you choose to have custom curtains made, we will ensure that they fit your space perfectly. We can also coordinate soft furnishings to match your new curtains. All clients who have custom curtains made will also receive a free set of matching cushions to complete the look of the room.

If you would like to refresh your space but are not sure where to begin, we can help. We have an interior design consultant on our team who can assist you in choosing the details for your home.

If you would like more information or have a question for us, please give us a call on 07 3245 7720 or get in touch with us here. We look forward to helping you achieve the aesthetic you are looking for and address any questions you might have throughout the process. Our team has been working in the industry for over 25 years and is proud to offer high quality and long-lasting curtains to clients in Brisbane and surrounds.