How to clean shutters and blinds

How to clean shutters and blinds

A guide to keeping your shutters and blinds in tip-top condition.

Shutters and blinds are timeless home furnishings, bringing beauty and elegance to any space that also requires the functionality of light control. However, in order to keep up their pleasing aesthetic appearance, shutters and blinds need to be properly cared for. Read on to learn some key tips for cleaning shutters and blinds.

Why is it important to care for blinds and shutters?

Shutters and blinds come in many different styles and are made of many different materials, including vinyl, wood, aluminium and hard fabric.

These materials have different appeals and some are more prone to collecting dirt than others. However, no matter what material your shutters are made of, they will suffer the ill-effects of neglect if not regularly cleaned.

The build-up of dust and other debris can lead to staining or tarnishing, and — in severe cases — poor maintenance can even lead to long-term problems with the shutting mechanism.

Top tips for cleaning indoor blinds and shutters

With the possible exception of cloth blinds, one of the great perks of installing indoor blinds and shutters is that these furnishings don’t require a lot of intensive cleaning.

Regular maintenance should be enough to keep your shutters and blinds looking classy through many years of use.

  • The most important thing is to dust consistently. Lay some newspaper beneath the blinds and use a feather duster or, better yet, a microfibre duster each week. This will go a long way towards preventing dirt build-up (and more onerous cleaning at a later stage).
  • For sturdier blinds, you can use the brush or mini-vacuum attachment on your vacuum cleaner. For more fragile styles, a microfibre dusting mitt is a great idea. In the case of hard-to-reach blinds, an old sock wrapped around a ruler is a nifty DIY option.
  • If your blinds and shutters require a deeper clean, spray a cloth with a weak solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid and use that to wipe them down. Note that it is important not to use too much water — spray the solution onto the cloth and do not wet the blinds, as this can cause warping, twisting or tarnishing (depending on the material).

Top tips for cleaning outdoor blinds and shutters

Outdoor shutter solutions (such as plantation shutters) are an understandably popular home decor choice: an elegant, sophisticated shade solution that adds value to both the interior and exterior of your property.

However, as outdoor blinds and shutters are regularly exposed to the weather, they may require a little more maintenance to ensure their longevity and continued good looks.

  • If your outdoor shutters are too large to dust off manually, use your vacuum cleaner to ensure they swept clean at least once a week.
  • If your outdoor shutters have accumulated stubborn dirt, use a stiff-bristled paint brush to clean them. Dip the paint brush into a strong solution of warm water and dish soap, or else use a suitable oil soap solution. Take care not to wet the shutters more than necessary.
  • Use good weather days to clean and then ‘air out’ the shutters by leaving them open for a good portion of the day. This is an excellent way to keep the shutters from warping and to ward off damp.

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