Inspire your Space with Colourful Curtains!

Inspire your Space with Colourful Curtains!

Colourful curtains are becoming more and more popular with our clients wanting to infuse their space with a splash of colour!

Apparently, minimalism might be over! It seems many homeowners and renters are wanting to personalise their space with bright and colourful curtains rather than stick to mundane monochrome which has been popular in recent years. While a monochrome colour scheme is good for selling your house as it provides a blank canvas for prospective buyers, colourful curtains are a wonderful way to make your living room or bedroom much more homely and unique. Timms Curtain House can provide services in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast area and we are passionate about providing design and installation services when it comes to your curtains. Invigorate your living space today with modern technology that makes almost any design possible!

We can create a bright and colourful getaway

No matter whether you want to completely block the outside world with our sound reducing curtains or simply provide a beautiful frame for a window we have a design to suit. We have fabrics in a range of colours, textiles, textures and folds so that no matter what your space looks like you’ll be able to breathe a bit of your own personality into it.


This playful curtain choice invigorates the space with colour and liveliness. The dynamic curving lines of the textile make the large space a little cosier. Timms Curtain House can service any corporate or residential premises and can even create matching throw pillows or upholstery fabric in order for you to truly tie in your space. 

Curtains are perfect for indecisive decorators

If you are indecisive about your interior decoration like so many of our clients then curtains are a wonderful choice for you as they are nowhere near as tricky to replace compared to paint jobs. You may even wish to select two curtain and upholstery choices for summer and winter. Thick dark coloured curtains have the ability to enrich a space with a warmth which is what you want in winter, and summer curtains have the ability to reflect the energy and warmth of the outdoors, and even keep the warm air outside.

If you’re renting, our colourful curtains could inspire your space!

When you’re renting it can be tricky to personalise your space and make it feel like home. Fortunately, curtains are the perfect solution as you can simply fold the owner’s curtains safely away and temporarily replace them with your own. This can allow you to customise your space, and as we can also provide our fabrics for the creation of cushions and reupholstering you’ll be able to properly design your space. Another great benefit of our curtains for renters is that we also offer sound reducing curtains which can block out noise from loud neighbours which is especially helpful when you live in a duplex or apartment.

Timms Curtain House can come to you!

Timms Curtain House operates by appointment only, which means we can come to you no matter whether you’re in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast area!

If you want to infuse some colour into your space please book an appointment with Timms Curtain house by contacting us here.