Making your Media Room ready for Winter

Making your Media Room ready for Winter

Everyone knows that curling up in front of the TV with a hot chocolate in Winter is one of the best things to do. This experience can be made even cosier with a media room fitted with cosy curtains from Timms Curtain House.

Curtains are extremely versatile, and one of their most popular uses is their use in media rooms. Media rooms or home cinemas have become increasingly popular with the ease that you can download your television shows and movies straight to your hard drive and then broadcast them to the TV. You have to have the perfect couch and the perfect screen, and now you have to have the perfect curtains to complete the whole look.

Blinds just don’t cut it for media rooms

There are two reasons why curtains perform better in media rooms than blinds:

  • They improve noise bounce acoustics
  • Atmosphere
  • Blocking out light
  • Insulation (especially good for winter)

The acoustics will be improved

Part of the pleasure of enjoying a movie is the surround sound – which can make your film seem more real and give you the full move theatre experience. Curtains improve the noise bounce acoustics as they help to reduce the vibrations – with blinds you may get this ‘reverb’ or sound that seems to bounce around the room and disrupt your experience.

Atmosphere is part of the experience

When it comes to a home theatre, atmosphere is very important. After all, the purpose of creating a media room is so that you can experience the same warm and lavish atmosphere of the movies in your own home. This effect just simply isn’t the same with blinds, as they don’t feel as luxurious as curtains.

Take a look at these cosy and dark curtains created and installed by Timms Curtain House especially for our customers’ media rooms.



As you can see a dark colour palette is popular for media rooms as usually the room will be blackened when you’re watching a film – especially during the day. This is when blocking out light becomes a problem.

One of the first things we will talk to you about during your first curtain measure and quote will be things that bother you. This can be light, or it could be that you’re concerned about having to pull curtains and affect their folds. Timms Curtain House can help address any technical issues you have, such as light, with our layered block out curtains. These can also help minimise sound pollution for a greater viewing experience.

How to block out light in a media room

Timms Curtain House will usually recommend a thick layered curtain, fitted high to the ceiling to stop light pollution from behind the curtain. A pelmet is also usually recommended as this will block out a lot of light that can escape above the curtain and on the sides. Your curtains can also be extended beyond the edge of the window to further block light that travels from the sides.

These tactics are always customised to your space, and you can be sure that Bev Timms and her team will install your curtains in a way that looks great and meets the concerns that you expressed in your first meeting.

Motorisation is also a popular choice for media rooms and home theatres

Motorisation can help keep your curtains shaped nicely and also is convenient for you when you decide to sit down and watch a movie. You can enclose yourself in your new media room with the touch of a button and be free of light for an undisturbed viewing experience.

Timms Curtain House can come to you in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast for a curtain consultation including measure and quote.

Have a question about our media rooms? Send Bev an email below.