Nature Inspired Home Décor for Spring/Summer 2015

Nature Inspired Home Décor for Spring/Summer 2015

In 2015 nature inspired colours are set to become the go-to look for spring and summer

While these are only predictions, we’ve are already seen some signs of this throughout the other seasons, and this trend is expected to come into full bloom this summer. Look for subtle natural colours such as stone, mossy green, off-white and pale browns. We’re also expecting to see quite a few nature-related materials including:

  • Animal print upholstery fabric
  • Leafy and animal-themed textiles
  • Floral arrangements with a heavier use of greenery
  • Dominating greys, browns and blues

Where can I find nature and animal print fabric on the Gold Coast?

We stock a wide range of fabrics available for our upholstering services on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, as well as our custom made curtain solutions. To find out more about our upholstery services please see here.  To view custom made curtains we have made and installed for our clients, please take a look at our curtain gallery.

Remember: The most important trendsetter is YOU

All trends have one thing in common: they are forever changing. Although sometimes it can be inspiring to discover the latest trends, it’s always important to consider what actually has long-term value in your home. There’s no use diving into trends that don’t also mix with your pre-existing style as this is a recipe for wanting to change your décor all over again six months or less down the track.

At Timms Curtain House we will happily inform you on the trends of the season, but we will always recommend a solution that’s right for you even if that goes against a current trend. We encourage every one of our clients to truly examine their personal style, and if this happens to correlate with a recent trend then great! If not, we know that our clients will still be happy with a look they will love – and not just for the season.

Be wary of trends if you’re budget conscious

If a client is budget conscious but has their eye set on that bright pink and metallic fabric, for instance, we will ensure that this reflects their style and is not just an attempt to follow trends.  This is why our team likes to visit the homes of our clients to perform our first measure and quote. We’ll be able to see your own style reflected in the existing décor of your home and recommend a fresh solution that uses your style as the foundation for improvement.

We hope that we’ve helped you make a decision to embrace your own inner trend-setter and create a look that will stand the test of time in your home.

If you are interested in a home décor makeover in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast please don’t hesitate to contact the Timms Curtain House team.