New Fabrics and Textiles Mean a Funky New Interior This Year

New Fabrics and Textiles Mean a Funky New Interior This Year

The start to 2013 has been fantastic for interior design and for us at Timms Curtain House…

At Timms Curtain House, our year has kicked off to a great start! We have been scouring the market for impressive and inspiring new textiles and fabrics, and are excited to present you with our findings.


With splashes of colour, gorgeous patterns and soft, luxurious textiles, it seems fun and quirky are the flavour of the day. It is a chic look combined with frivolity, and reminds us that you needn’t be too serious about interior design!

Spotting changes in interior design trends…

Taking a new perspective on otherwise boring furniture, a plain chair with a quirky print makes a room come alive. At Timms Curtain House in Brisbane, we love this introduction of art to furniture.

Sound-proofing is proving popular…

We are finding our clients want to get rid of the light and sound in specific rooms, such as media rooms. To help our clients with this, we are currently organising an efficient method to be able to conduct a sound check in your home and be able to gauge results of the success of adding layers to your curtains. Watch this space for more info on this!

The top two questions about sound-proofing

Since we have seen a rise in the popularity of sound-proofing, we are also getting many enquiries about it! We have compiled the most frequent questions to help answer your concerns about soundproofing!

1. How can I sound-proof my window?

We have been diligent about this, and have found you have several methods to block out sound from outside, which include:

  • Placing a sound barrier within the window frame.
  • Using window furnishings to help stifle any exterior (or interior) noise.

2. What is the best window furnishing for sound-proofing my room?

The main solution we have found to the answer light and sound issues are curtains, as they are long lasting and don’t have to cost an arm and a leg! There are a lot of triple weave fabrics around, and these are proving to be the answer to light and sound problems due to their thickness and heaviness.

We are dedicating ourselves to chasing all info in regards to sound reduction and will keep you all up to date as soon as we discover anything new.

At Timms Curtain House we are committed to bringing you easy window furnishing solutions and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to check back here for more updates and news!

To discover more about what is happening in interior design, or to book an appointment to view our showroom in Brisbane, please do not hesitate to contact us.