Stylish Modern Pelmets for Window Treatments in Brisbane

Stylish Modern Pelmets for Window Treatments in Brisbane

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your window treatments by adding stylish pelmets for curtains and blinds. Timms Curtain House are your local Brisbane window dressing specialists, with luxurious furnishings to suit every taste, style and budget. Below, we look at how modern pelmets can add a touch of sophistication and style to your windows.


What is a Pelmet?

Window pelmets are decorative boards made of wood and sometimes covered in fabric. Placed at the top of a window, their function is to conceal the hardware of your curtain or blind installation. This completes the look of the window aesthetically, creating a neat, streamlined appearance. By reducing heat lost and gained from the window, they also play the functional role of improving the energy efficiency of your home.


Different Styles of Window Pelmets

Pelmets are available in a range of styles to suit different tastes and interior designs:


  • Box Pelmets: Rectangular in shape, these classic pelmets are versatile and provide a clean, contemporary look that’s suited to a range of different décors.


  • Shaped Pelmets: More decorative and ornate in appearance, these pelmets can be customised into arched, scalloped and other shapes to add elegance and flair to your window.


  • Fabric Pelmets: Cover your pelmets in upholstery fabric for endless design options. Complement your room by selecting the perfect colours, patterns and material to suit the space.


  • Padded Pelmets: For a unique, cozy look, you can pad your pelmets with cushioning to create a plush appearance to your window furnishings.


  • Minimalist Pelmets: Narrow and subtle, minimalist pelmets are a popular choice for those looking for a modern, sleek and unobtrusive design on their windows.


Match Your Window Coverings

With assorted styles of pelmets available, you have plenty of options to customise your window treatments to suit your preferences and home décor. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look to pair with roller blinds or want to add something more decorative to suit colourful, patterned custom curtains, different pelmet styles allow you to seamlessly match your window coverings.


Create Visual Interest With Contrasting Pelmets

Pelmets were traditionally painted the same colour as the surrounding walls to help blend into the space. You can take a unique approach, however, by using a contrasting tone on pelmets to accentuate the window covering, add an eye-catching pop of colour and boost visual interest.


Explore Our Range of Pelmets for Curtains and Blinds in Brisbane

Timms Curtain House provides a range of high quality pelmets available in a variety of colours and styles to suit the look you want to achieve. Durable, long lasting and affordable, a pelmet can help complete the look of your windows whilst boosting the functionality and elegance of your indoor space.


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