Three window covering trends you’ll love

Three window covering trends you’ll love

This year’s trends include monochromatic curtains, minimalist window designs and nature-inspired colours.

When it comes to finding the best window covering, so much depends on your unique space. How large is your room? What is its purpose? You might want complete darkness and privacy in your bedroom, but value natural light in your home office. Easy-to-clean curtains or blinds are a must in kitchens and bathrooms. No matter the space, carefully chosen window coverings make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of a room. Read on for some inspiration for your own home based on some of this year’s most exciting trends…

Colour palettes are inspired by nature

This year’s most popular colours for window coverings include a combination of soft neutrals, monochromatic shades and bright, nature-inspired hues. Gray shutters are also proving popular at the moment.

While neutral wall paint is having a moment, there is plenty of opportunity to play with bold colours when it comes to curtains and blinds. If you want to update the colour palette in your home without repainting the walls, window coverings are a great place to start.

Monochromatic curtains make a statement

One of the most popular home décor trends this year is the monochromatic look in which walls, curtains and upholstery share the same colour family. The tones don’t have to match exactly — light walls work well with slightly darker curtains, for example. Neutral shades like grey work well with this aesthetic, but it’s possible to make a striking statement with other colours too.

Minimalist windows are in

This year, minimalist and understated window designs are taking centre stage. While intricate valances were once popular, these ornate details are increasingly being replaced with sleeker, more simple designs. That said, classic design elements will never go out of style, so you might consider options like natural wood blinds and shutters, neutral shades, and drapes in durable fabrics.

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