Care for Your Curtains in Winter

Feeling the winter chill and blues? Your curtains need some TLC too!


During winter, temperatures drop and moisture accumulates on windows. This moisture can cause your beautiful curtains to collect mould- so it is best to thoroughly check your curtains for traces of mould and dampness throughout winter.

If your window finishings have already developed mould, nip this issue in the but by calling in the experts- curtain cleaners!

If you are lucky enough to have curtains that have not developed mould, some preventative measures can be taken to ensure the quality of your of your curtains for years to come. Always remember to air and dry your curtains on a regular basis, and check for moisture and mould. By the end of August, a thorough check must be conducted to prevent mould from growing out of control in the warmer summer months.

A little love and care can ensure the longevity of your curtains for years to come.

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