Tips for a Warm (and stylish) House this Winter

Tips for a Warm (and stylish) House this Winter

Take a look at some of our new winter fabrics and find out how you can create a warmer home with curtains and how you can keep your curtains safe throughout winter.

Want to know how you can make your house warmer without spending a lot of money on insulation? You may be surprised to find out that curtains can make a huge difference to how your house maintains heat, and how your house keeps the cold out.

Thick curtains with multiple layers have the ability to keep the cold out by blocking drafts and insulating cold windows. They can also keep in heat if you have a fireplace or heaters. These are perfect choices for people who live in places that can get cold, but not as cold as places that snow. This means that places in Australia like the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane are perfect places for insulation using curtains.

Take a look at some of the local choices available at Timms Curtain House – your local curtain experts.

These pieces by JW Design are inspired by winter colours, although they come in a range of warm and cool colours to suit any style of décor.

You can see how snowballs could have inspired the design of these three textiles, and if you find yourself longing for a true winter including snow and ice then these could be a great choice.

There are many other winter-inspired textiles featuring cool colours that could be warmed up greatly with a fireplace or with your choice of accompanying curtains or even upholstery.

3 great benefits of thick curtains for winter

1. They are energy saving

Thick curtains block out drafts which can, in turn, lower your electricity consumption (as it reduces the need for a heater) as well as reduces your cost of firewood if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace.

2. They can block out the winter sun

Everyone knows that winter sun can be harsh in Australia and at times when you’re trying to relax or watch television glare is not ideal. This makes thick curtains a popular choice for media rooms, and they have the added benefit of blocking out noise for an undisturbed experience.

3. The right curtains can make your house feel warmer

If you have an open house that has an even colder atmosphere in winter then you may find it beneficial to choose curtains that lighten the mood and create a more homely feel. Most people choose to do this with rich colours like red, brown and beige.

If you have curtains – you need to know this before winter comes

As Bev Timms will tell you during your first consultation with Timms Curtain House – curtains and some blinds are at risk of a mould during winter. In order to keep your curtains for longer – throughout winter and summer for years to come it’s important to air out your house and reduce the moisture. We recommend leaving a window open during the warmest time of the day or you can invest in a dehumidifier to avoid letting in drafts. Find out more about this in our video:

Timms Curtain House can help you find the best practical solution for whatever problems you need to address – whether it be the temperature of your home to the appearance.

We have a broad range of textiles to help you create the look that YOU want – and you can be sure you will be involved during every part of the process. Bev Timms (our curtain expert) will sit down with you and discuss what makes you tick and what you want to achieve. Even if you have had experiences with other curtain companies before, it’s important to know that we are not like other curtain companies. We have over 700 loyal customers across the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and cannot wait to get started to work with you on your home.