We discuss wide windows and the different ways in which you can dress them

Timms Curtain House on Wide Windows

Wide windows are wonderful and can bathe any room in beautiful natural light. Whether it’s one long window, several windows grouped together, sliding or French doors, wide windows can really add that special touch to a room.

Wide windows are often used in small rooms to create the illusion of a wider space. They are also used to let in an abundance of natural light or to show off a gorgeous view.

Whilst offering a fantastic view, wide windows can also pose a privacy problem, providing outsiders with a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in your home. This is where window coverings come in.

Having wide windows can really make a bold statement in a room but finding the right dressing for them can be overwhelming. At Timms Curtain House, we have a wide variety of window dressings to suit your taste and needs but ultimately, the covering you go with, is your choice.

Ways to Dress Wide Windows

If you have multiple windows placed together (or very closely together), you can treat them as one large window. This will make it easier when planning how you can dress them.

  • Sheer curtains: If you have windows going from wall to wall, or covering the expanse of one wall, then sheer curtains are ideal. They will allow enough light to come in during the day and provide a good amount of privacy at night. If there are spaces between the windows, you can install panels in those space to create the illusion of one large window and if you need more privacy, just add roller blinds or shades.
  • Valances or cornices: If you have a wide window but not a tall one, add patterned valances or cornices to the top (and closer to the ceiling) to create the illusion of a taller window. Valances and cornices can add a beautiful touch of texture or colour to your wide windows whilst framing a gorgeous view.
  • Roman shades: These shades offer a fair amount of coverage, so combine a few of them over a wide window (or several windows installed together) to give it a patterned look and create the impression of a single shade. No breaks in between the shades can make a large window look sleek and stylish. By installing the Roman shades closer to the ceiling, you can also create the illusion of a longer window.
  • Shutters: These are great for a wide window (or several windows placed together) facing direct sunlight. Aside from creating a sophisticated look, shutters can be used to control the amount of sunlight allowed into the room.
  • Solar shades: They provide glare reduction and UV protection so that your furniture won’t fade as quickly by cutting out extra sunlight (you can adjust the shades to suit the amount of light you’d like to let in). However, solar shades do not provide privacy at night.
  • End-to-end: If you have wide windows close together on adjacent walls, hang your rods from wall-to-wall. This will create the effect of one seamless window throughout two adjoining walls and will add the illusion of a larger space.
  • Rods out: If your wide window is overlooking a beautiful view, make sure your rods are slightly longer than the actual window. This way when you draw back your curtains, none of the outside view is obscured by the pushed back curtain.
  • Roller shades: When you have several long windows next to each other, you can install individual roller shades over each window. You can open the shades to different heights to create a unique look or line them all up neatly for a sleek appearance.
  • Leave it alone: Some rooms have several windows grouped together with one uniquely shaped window above the rest. In these cases, you should consider covering the lower windows (through which people can see in), leaving the uniquely shaped upper window untouched. If the windows are high up or privacy is not an issue, just paint the trims or opt to leave it alone, letting the view itself add beauty to the room.

Dressing Wide Windows with Timms Curtain House

There are endless possibilities for covering up wide windows. Different styles and materials can be used to add personality to your space and beauty to your wide window.

A beautifully chosen wide window dressing can enhance the look of a room, keep it bright and add a unique piece of décor to the overall style. Timms Curtain House has a gorgeous range of wide window dressings to help you improve the look of a room and add elegance to your home.

Timms Curtain House provide dressings for wide windows

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