What curtains should I use in my space?

What curtains should I use in my space?

From consultation to final product, our curtains will ensure your home is fitted with the best

Here at Timms Curtain House, we provide high-quality curtains to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Our team takes great care when consulting with our clients so that we can create a space that reflects their own personality and taste. This process is one that we like to think of as “listening to your heartbeat” as each home or space should be a direct extension of yourself. In order to recommend the best curtains for your space, we take into consideration the technical specifications that you require as well as the textiles and styles that would best suit your space and preference.

What technical specifications do I need to consider when selecting my curtains?

When choosing your curtains you should consider what you want to “get out” of your curtains. Do you want to block out noise, block out light, create a luxurious feel or simply just improve an outdated space? These are all the questions that the team at Timms Curtain House will ask you. Bev Timms will normally run the consultation process, by sitting you down and getting to know you. This is how we can then recommend the best solution for your curtain needs. If you do mention that you have specific requirements it’s important to know that we have effective noise reducing curtains, motorised curtains, curtains that block out the light and a variety of standard curtains and window dressings.


The next stage after figuring out the technical specifications you require is to select the perfect textile for your curtain choice. Here at Timms Curtain House we use a variety of fabric houses including Unique Fabric. This fabric house has a broad range of fabrics including their own designs as well as fabric from Andrew Martin, Chivasso, Carlucci, Zimmer + Rohde and Arte. These luxury fabrics can make any space beautiful, and it’s your choice whether you want to opt for bright and energetic fabric or relaxing neutrals. Your experience and end result is completely guided by your desires as the Timms Curtain House team likes to empower you with your decision

Curtains can create and bring together a colour scheme

No matter what colour scheme you would like, Timms Curtain House has a solution for you. We can create a modern neutral space with beautiful curtains and even provide matching throw pillows for your chairs, sofa or bed. Below is a neutral colour scheme that could be perfected with some monochrome grey cushions to tie the furniture in with our beautiful thick luxury curtains.

Curtains can also create a pop of colour, similar to the effect of a feature wall. This is a popular choice for indecisive owners who often change their mind about their colour scheme. Curtains are much easier to change than repainting a wall, so why not select a bolder colour or even a beautiful pattern to highlight a beautiful view or just enliven a space? A beautiful turquoise curtain will always look bold in a white space, or even paired with a turquoise feature wall or wooden floors.

This bright colour scheme combines different shades of red with pink, and even highlights of green. These curtains were chosen by the owners to create a modern feel that ties the deep red shade of the feature wall with the rugs and the floor. This flow-through effect is popular as it enables your curtains and the furniture in your room to ‘speak’ to one and other.

Once we’ve created your custom made curtains, we can then install them with the specifications discussed in your initial consultation. We can install motorised curtains that open and close at the touch of a button, and thick sound reducing curtains which can reduce sound by up to 12 decibels. Once our installation is complete you can sit in the comfort of your newly decorated home.

To find out about our full range of curtain options, or to book an appointment with our consultation service (that visits the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine coast area) please give Timms Curtain House a call on 07 3245 7720.

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