What is a pelmet?

What is a pelmet?

Pelmets are placed at the top of a window for both decorative and functional purposes.

A pelmet is an ornamental piece of fabric that goes on the top of a window to cover its sides. When you are looking for curtains, you want to consider the shape and size of your windows.

A pelmet will help frame your window and can be used as part of your decorating plan. Different types can be used to protect your curtains, block light or dust, and provide privacy. The best thing about using a pelmet is that it can be customised to fit any style or size of the window.

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What purpose do they serve?

Pelmets are available in a range of styles and can contribute to the overall aesthetic of one’s space quite considerably. They have the ability to add a sense of luxury to a room and can be designed to either coordinate or contrast with the curtains and room décor, depending on your chosen style.

Besides their aesthetic benefits, pelmets also serve some functional purposes. They can be used to conceal curtain fixtures, which can go a long way in improving the overall look of the window covering.

Pelmets can also help to prevent airflow because they serve as a barrier at the top of curtains or blinds. They work by preventing warm air which has risen to the top of the room from transferring through the windows — in this way, pelmets help to insulate windows and promote the circulation of cool air.

Which styles are on trend?

There was a time when pelmets were seen in more traditional, luxury spaces but these accessories are currently making a comeback in modern homes. Because they can be designed to suit any aesthetic, pelmets are suitable for a range of spaces.

There are a number of styles which are proving popular at the moment. Soft pelmets make a beautiful decorative statement and achieve a traditional and luxurious look. While delicate florals are timeless, more contemporary fabric designs are gaining traction in trendy spaces.

Solid box pelmets are a good option for those who like a simple, structured look. They are usually made from light wood and covered in fabric. For a modern look, go for geometric or abstract prints, or if you prefer a subtle, elegant style, you might consider a plain fabric with a simple but striking trim.

For a decorative statement, shaped pelmets are a great choice. They can be custom-made to suit your specific style — from scalloped edges to multiple arches, the options are endless.

Why consider pelmets?

The right pelmet can really transform the look of a room. In fact, by choosing a shape and style that works for your space, it is possible to create the illusion of space or a higher ceiling. They also hide unattractive rails and tracks very effectively and look very neat.

Pelmets are also a great way to put your personal stamp on your home. They can be custom-made, which means that you can choose everything from the fabric to the shape and trimmings. This means that your décor can really reflect your personal style and make your home look and feel unique.

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