What to consider before buying curtains

What to consider before buying curtains

There are a few factors to consider before buying curtains.

Curtains are an essential element in any room, and when it comes to choosing the type that best suits your space, there are several factors to consider. What style do you prefer? And what size suits your particular windows? Read on for our top tips on what to think about when buying new curtains, and how we can help to update and enhance your home…

Get the size right

It might seem obvious, but the importance of getting the right curtain length and width should not be understated. When determining the correct size, be sure to think about the mounting technique that you want before figuring out the length of the rod and choosing the length of your curtains. Finally, be sure to measure for both width and length — these measurements will depend on how full you would like your curtains to look and what hanging method you have chosen.

Consider your privacy needs

The type of curtains that you choose will depend on how much privacy you need, as well as how much outside light you would like blocked out. If you don’t want any sunshine in your room once the curtains are closed, we recommend that you choose block out curtains — they are designed to block out as much light as possible and also help to minimise noise. In most cases, block out curtains are multi-layered with opaque interfacing. A pelmet is usually recommended for optimal results. If you would like to find out more about our block out curtains, please have a look here.

Consider the aesthetic

When choosing new curtains, you will want to think about the overall look you want to achieve in your space. Do you want your curtains to make a statement? Or would you prefer that they blend in seamlessly with the rest of your décor? For a bit of drama, choose curtains in a bold print or fun pattern, and don’t be afraid to play with colour. For a more toned-down look, go for neutrals or crisp white. At Timm’s Curtain House, we offer both readymade and custom-made curtains, so it’s possible to find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of style.

Durability is key

Curtains should last for many years, so you must go for quality fabrics when choosing yours. If you’re not sure what type of fabric will suit your space best, chat to our team for advice — we’ve been working in the industry for over 30 years and specialise in curtains, blinds, awnings and luxurious home furnishings that are made to last.

How can we help?

At Timm’s Curtain House, we offer products of exceptional quality. If you are looking for curtains, we encourage you to have a look at our offerings. We provide readymade, block out and custom-made curtains, as well as advice regarding fabrics, hanging techniques and accessories.

If you would like to find out more about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, you can give us a call on (07) 3245 7720 to find out more about our services or to arrange a consultation with our friendly and passionate team.

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