Window Treatment Trends for 2012

Take a note from the fashion pack when considering your window furnishing this year- bright colours, pastels, sheer fabric, silk and minimalism are key trends both on the catwalk and in your home.

When it comes to window treatments in 2012, less is definitely more. Modern window treatments and drapery are geared towards better functionality- with clean lines and rich fabrics creating a stylish look of comfort and elegance. Your decor should direct you to the right choice of window treatment; fully dressed windows are perfect for traditional decor but would look out-of-place in a contemporary room.

Use your drapery to refresh the structure of your room.

Narrow windows can be made to look wider by adding a wider rod and running the drapes well past the edge of the window frame. If you would like your window to appear taller; mount the rod close to the ceiling. Choose fabrics that blend with the wall, furthering the illusion that the window is bigger than it really is.

Hot window treatment trends this season.

Style trends come and go- and what better way to update the look and feel of your space than with new on-trend window treatments? It is certainly easier than repainting! Interior design trends operate on a slower cycle than fashion trends, so you can rest assured that your new look will last much longer than one season.

Luxe Fabric

Fabrics such as silk are big this season, as their luxurious texture captures and reflects the light in a beautiful manner. Luxe fabrics exude opulence and will never go out of style.


Minimalistic window treatments draw attention to the window, rather than the symphony of detail that surrounds it. To showcase a beautiful view, forget the frills and fuss and stick to a sleek functional window treatment.

Texture and Bold Prints

On the other hand, if a window is insignificant or isn’t particularly pleasing, a curtain or drapery can hide flaws and add instant beauty to both the window and room. Textured curtains of woven material or velvet add instant luxury and interest, while bold prints can make a stunning statement. For the more experienced decorators- try a trend that is the height of style in the fashion world at the moment- layering contrasting textures.

Organic and Natural

Eco-friendly sustainable window furnishings are also popular this season. Try bamboo blinds for a statement look made from a sustainable resource, or try a classic organic cotton drapery for a more understated look.


Sheers have been seen everywhere this season and are a hero fabric when it comes to window furnishings. Sheers do a wonderful job of diffusing light and add a certain amount of privacy without drawing attention away from the window itself. This look is both casual and luxuriously luminescent.

Fashion trends are a great source of inspiration when considering window furnishings. To find out more about our range of stylish curtains, blinds and draperies please contact us to book an appointment or explore our website.