Curtains and Blinds Brisbane

Premium Curtains and Blinds in Brisbane at Great Prices

If you’re wondering why you’re not having a good night’s rest, your curtains and blinds in Brisbane are probably to blame. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned that by not having the right curtains and blinds, you can gravely affect the quality of your sleep. That’s why Timms Curtain House is dedicated to offering premium quality products that go beyond your expectations. This dedication has been felt by clients on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and other nearby suburbs.

When it comes to installing curtains and blinds in Brisbane, our team takes it seriously and with heart. We offer strong attention to detail to ensure we provide the right product for you. From the consultation, to measuring, to the completion of the job, we guarantee our thoughtful solutions and services can last for a lifetime. Aside from window furnishings, you can also count on us for upholstery and other outdoor needs.

Curtains and Blinds Brisbane

Avoid High Electric Bills Using Our Curtains and Blinds in Brisbane

Believe it or not, the right curtains and blinds for your Brisbane home can help in reducing your energy consumption. These window furnishings are more than just beautiful fabrics that can enhance and refresh your interiors. They can also keep your furniture away from the sun. Moreover, they also help in improving your home’s insulation, hence, decreasing your air conditioning system’s power requirements through:

Air Leakage Prevention

Windows often have small crevices where cool or warm air may escape. By installing curtains or blinds, you prevent this leakage, thus, keeping your air conditioning unit from overworking and consuming more energy.


Glasses are conductive objects. This means whenever the sun hits your windows they naturally absorb it. This leads to a warmer indoor climate during the summer, which then calls for more energy to counter it. Fortunately, the installation of curtains and blinds can help in preventing this. The best and most effective way to control the temperature with curtains and blinds is the close them before it gets hold or cold to insulate either keeping the warmth in or the heat out, depending on the season.

Why Choose Our Curtains and Blinds for Your Brisbane Home?

Contrary to other curtains and blinds companies in Brisbane, we don’t take advantage of our client’s budgets. Instead, we carefully work around them to provide the best services without costing you a fortune. To achieve this, we ensure to provide accurate measurements and inform you of all possible options. This way, you can weigh everything up and make an educated final decision.

“Timms Curtain House has just been fantastic to deal with. From the start quoting at my house through to finish making sure the Blinds/Shutters have been installed perfectly. Their recommendations have just been awesome. I have had a lovely experience dealing with them and would recommend them as first place you go for any blinds, curtains or shutters that you need. Thank you such much Nathan and Sarah!”

– William Paul

Curtains and Blinds Brisbane

Don’t settle for substandard and dishonest service. Choose our team to install your curtains and blinds for your Brisbane home.