Curtains And Blinds Gold Coast

Premium Provider of Curtains and Blinds on the Gold Coast

No Gold Coast property is complete without matching curtains and blinds to complement the space. As such, for over 30 years our mission has been to provide beautiful, quality window furnishings that last a lifetime. At Timms House Curtains, we ensure to deliver solutions that address our client’s unique needs. That’s why we take the time to learn and understand our clients and their needs before providing any recommendations.

We carer to all kinds of clients. Whether you’re looking for premium awnings or are on a budget, we offer the same level of quality workmanship. Going the extra mile is embedded in our core. As such, you can expect us to go above and beyond when it comes to delivering window service solutions.

Curtains and Blinds Gold Coast

Curtains and Blinds Gold Coast

How to Pair Curtains and Blinds for your Gold Coast Space

There’s been a long debate about whether curtains or blinds are best suited for Gold Coast properties. However, we believe that with creativity, you can enjoy both kinds of window furnishing. To help you find the best combination for your space, here are some tips on how to best pair these different products:

  1. Choose Your Blinds First
    Since blinds generally have thicker fabrics, it’s best to have them installed first. An easy option would be to choose one of the more common types, such as Roman or Venetian Blinds, as their simple designs pair well with curtains. It’s worthwhile also choosing a muted colour scheme to ensure you create a harmonious looking space.
  2. Don’t Pair Print with Print
    Pairing two prints can create a clashing or noisy aesthetic. As such, it is usually better to pair plain with print or plain with plain.
  3. Don’t Have Them Installed Too High
    While installing curtains and blinds high can create an illusion of having a higher ceiling, overdoing it can negatively affect the aesthetics of your space. Combining two complimentary window furnishings already creates the illusion of having a larger space, so be sure to not overdo it.

Our Process of Providing Curtains and Blinds on the Gold Coast

Our team is dedicated to making the installation of curtains and blinds pleasant for Gold Coast home and businesses owners. For this reason, we ensure a seamless end to end transaction. During our initial point of contact, free measure and quotation, we aim to learn about our clients’ specific needs and concerns. This way, we can tailor our services and products to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit. After this stage, we proceed to the design process and approval.

When everything’s set, a deposit payment will be required five weeks from the order date. Once the project is complete, we provide a 6-month maintenance service. We also offer indefinite after-sales service to ensure our clients have 100% satisfaction.

Curtains and Blinds Gold Coast

Are you ready to elevate your space using curtains and blinds for your Gold Coast home or business? Contact our team today to get you started!