Curtains Gold Coast

Superior Curtains on the Gold Coast

For over 30 years, we have specialised in the installation of blinds, curtains, and awnings on the Gold Coast. While others settle for cookie-cutter service, we believe that no size fits all. That is why you can guarantee a unique and tailored service regardless of budget. Unlike other companies who offer primarily offer products at a premium price, we cater for all. This is because we believe that everybody deserves superior window solutions. We believe the benefits deserve to be enjoyed by all, not just by those with a large budget.

For this reason, we made sure to offer you any look you wish without compromising your budget. Our team is dedicated to delivering 100% customer satisfaction, so meeting the needs of our clients is our specialty. That’s why we deliver fast, affordable, and high-quality window solutions services on the Gold Coast and other nearby areas.

Curtains Gold Coast

Curtains Gold Coast

Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing Curtains on the Gold Coast

Regardless of whether you just recently purchased a new home or are already a curtain enthusiast, there are easily avoidable mistakes when choosing curtains on the Gold Coast. These includes:

  • Not Considering Custom Made Curtains
    While customers tend to think custom made curtains are expensive, they fail to recognise their capacity to provide the best quality and durability.
  • Not Having a Sample Fabric at Home
    Oftentimes, a certain colour of fabric looks different on-site or in a showroom compared to what it looks like in the actual space. So, if you have an installer coming over for measurement, you can request to bring a fabric sample so you can picture it in reality.
  • Not Choosing a Reliable Installer
    Aside from quality fabric, one major factor that contributes to the durability of window furnishing is the installer. That’s why it’s important to choose the right provider who has a proven track record.

Curtain Installer on the Gold Coast You Can Count on

Whether you need new curtains to complete a home makeover on the Gold Coast or simply achieve better light filtration and insulation, we’ve got you covered. At Timms Curtain House, we don’t stop at the installation. We provide our clients with 6-month maintenance and after-sales service for an indefinite period. Our team will help you maximise your space. So, whether you need curtains to block out the sun, glare, or improve the airflow inside your home, we can cater for you.

With our wealth of experience, we have learned how to meet all our clients’ needs. From functionality to aesthetics within the confines of their budgets. Treating every job and client enables us to deliver tailored solutions that best suit the client. Moreover, our relationship-oriented approach means you can enjoy an ongoing working relationship and generous after-sales service.

Curtains Gold Coast

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