Custom Made Curtains Brisbane

Outstanding Custom Made Curtains in Brisbane

As a family operated business for over 30 years, we know how important custom made curtains are for Brisbane homes. That’s why we strive to meet the needs of our clients, from functionality to aesthetics, that fit within their budget.

At Timms Curtain House, we are proud to deliver fast and reliable service at an affordable price. This is due to our commitment to provide superior service, regardless of our clients’ budgets. As such, we provide the same attention to detail, workmanship, and transparency for each project. Our team is also famous for going the extra mile, as we also provide 6-month maintenance and indefinite after-sales service. This way, our clients are guaranteed to enjoy our product and service for many years to come.

Custom Made Curtains Brisbane

Custom Made Curtains Brisbane

Custom Made Curtains in Brisbane That Stand Out

It’s easy to spot a Brisbane home with custom made curtains. Aside from a limitless range of designs, other factors make custom made curtains superior to ready-made ones. These include:

  • Precision
    It’s undeniable how custom curtains offer a better quality of fabric in terms of precision, care, and durability. When compared to mass-produced curtains, custom ones require a more exclusive and meticulous approach. This is the reason why custom curtains appear more unique, ultra-polished, and sharper.
  • Perfect Fit
    Since custom made curtains are made specifically for a client, expect nothing but a perfect fit. Pair it with our 6-month maintenance and unlimited after-sales services and you can truly make the most value out of your money.
  • Best Used to Improve Energy Efficiency
    Another benefit that comes along with quality fabric is energy efficiency. With this type of curtain, you don’t have to worry about heat loss. This means that you will need to spend less on heating and cooling.

Custom Made Curtains in Brisbane That You Can Trust

The only challenge faced when buying custom made curtains in Brisbane is choosing between the plethora of choices available. Fortunately, our team can help pick the right product for you in terms of aesthetics, price, and functionality. At Timms Curtain House, we care about our clients. That’s why we take the time to listen and understand your situation and needs. By doing so, we can accurately provide long-lasting solutions that work within your means.

With our many years of experience, we have gained in-depth knowledge and expertise. So, from the initial point of our contact, we ensure to provide you with services that best fit your lifestyle and needs. To achieve this, our team will visit your home to collect measurements and assess the condition of your property. By doing so, we can offer more accurate recommendations of what materials to use.

Custom Made Curtains Brisbane

Are you ready to have custom made curtains to match your Brisbane home’s interior? Call our team today to get started!