Folding Arm Awnings Brisbane

Providing Folding Arm Awnings in Brisbane for Over 30 Years

At Timms Curtains, we are committed to providing a pleasant experience for our customers by offering premium folding arm awnings in Brisbane. With our wealth of experience, we are confident in handling any type of window furnishing needs. Whether you need servicing for your outdoor area, interior, or even upholstery, we’ve got you covered.

As a family-run business, we understand how important it is to set a budget for every expense. That’s why we are conscious of providing quality window solutions regardless of budget. As a client-focused business, our processes and designs are guided by the needs of our clients. As such, we are experts in creating complementary designs and products that last for long a time. Our commitment to delivering extraordinary results remains unrivalled. For this reason, countless homeowners and commercial spaces in Brisbane and South-East Queensland choose us.

folding arm awnings Brisbane

folding arm awnings Brisbane

Simple Guide to Folding Arm Awnings Installation in Brisbane

Folding arm awnings are used for a variety of reasons in Brisbane. From using them to add character to your home, to creating an extended outdoor space and managing the temperature inside your home. This window solution is guaranteed to give you value for your money. To determine whether a folding arm awning is suitable for you, you should first identify where you need it and the type of wall you’ll be attaching it to.

Generally, you can install this kind of awning on every type of wall. Whether aluminium siding, masonry, stucco, or even the side of an RV or mobile home, it can be installed almost anywhere. Additionally, foldable awnings are flexible, meaning that they can last longer and have maximised functionality. Moreover, you can add different textures and materials to provide an upgraded look to your space.

Operating Folding Arm Awnings in Brisbane

 An initial concern among some of our clients is how to operate folding arm awnings in Brisbane. At Timms Curtains, we have a variety of accessibility options to make this easier, including manually operated and motorised.

Manual Awnings

This type of foldable awning uses detailed arms that open and close in different phases. Generally, the initial arms use springs and the following that furl or unfold to expand the awning. To fully use this awning, you unroll and roll them up by manually turning a shaft clockwise or counterclockwise.

Motorised Awnings

This awning is loved by many due to its efficiency and convenience. It uses an air-filled cylinder that pushes or pulls in and out, as opposed to manual awnings the fold. Winding the awning is as simple as pressing a button. Additionally, the motor inside the patio awning rotates silently to open or shut the awning.

folding arm awnings Brisbane

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