Shutters Brisbane, Sunshine & Gold Coast

Timms Curtain House has a range of top quality shutters available for your home today in a wide range of styles and prices, to give it a fresh and modern new look. We ensure that you are given the best quality service when you have one of our elegant shutters installed, and that they meet your requirements. 

About Shutters

A timeless classic, shutters are an option which adds a sense of sophistication and style to your home, whilst also being very functional. They offer the flexibility of complete privacy in conjunction with ambient natural light. 

Shutters are an option for window coverings which have become more and more popular, as people discover the practical and aesthetic benefits of shutters. They are a striking feature which is often able to improve a home with the simplest touch. 

An energy efficient option 

Shutters can be more energy efficient than other options on the market, as they are better insulated and can let heat in better than other types of blinds and awnings, whilst also keeping the cold in for longer during the summer months. 

They offer a wider range of control over the amount of light which enters a room in comparison to other options, allowing you to save energy as you can decide how much enters the room. As well as this, the fact that you can control how much light enters a room can create energy savings from not using artificial light as often. 

Add value to your home

Internal and external shutters can also play a part in creating greater curbside appeal for your property. They are a high quality addition to your decor, and when it is time to sell your home, or when the weather gets quite hot or cold, they will prove to be a valuable addition. 

The range of shutters available from Timms Curtain House also act as a noise barrier from unwanted noises coming through from outside. 

A long lasting solution

Thankfully, shutters will not fade due to ageing or UV rays over time. The materials used in them are strong and durable, but also do not lose their colour and will not warp or peel. 

Shutters are also cost effective as they are a one time instalment, and do not need to be reinstalled every few years to look new like curtains or drapes do. 

As well as this, if the shutters are damaged for whatever reason, it may be that only the blades need to be replaced as they are interchangeable. Thankfully, this is not a hard task and can be easily done. 

Our Range

We offer a wide range of window shutters in Brisbane including plantation shutters, aluminium shutters, PVC shutters, timber shutters and external shutters amongst others. 

Our quality products are built to last and add value to your home, and are custom built to suit every application. Whether you’re after shutters for indoor or outdoor use, our staff can guide you towards the perfect style and product for your needs.

A variety of styles

Shutters are available in a wide array of designs and materials to suit every aesthetic and budget. Numerous designs and blade widths are available, which will give you the desired light control and match with your home’s decor. 

There are numerous available styles and designs which can cater for your aesthetic goals. For example, there are styles which include coverage for entire windows, half window coverings, solid panels, or bi fold panels which let you decide on how wide you’d like them opened. 

Shutters in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

Timms Curtain House prides itself on providing a top quality end-to-end service. This includes a measure and quote, helping with the installation of your shutters, shutter maintenance and even styling assistance if needed. 

With over 30 years of experience, the team will be able to give you expert advice and assist with all things shutters. If you think shutters may suit your home, be sure to contact us online or call on (07) 3245 7720 for more information about or services or to arrange a consultation with our friendly team.

Are shutters easy to clean?

A big advantage of shutters is the ease of keeping them clean. These window furnishings do not require high amounts of special care, just a wipe down and dusting on a regular basis to get rid of any dust build-up.