Retractable Awnings Brisbane

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If you’re thinking of purchasing retractable awnings for your Brisbane home, consider getting them from us. Timms Curtain House is a family-owned business that has been in the industry for over 30 years. With our impeccable approach to service, we have satisfied customers in the South-East Queensland region, including the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. From our wide array of product options, our expert professionals will help you in choosing products that suit your style and budget.

Before becoming business owners, we are homeowners first. We love helping create beautiful spaces using curtains, blinds and awnings. That’s why we value transparency as much as we value the outcome we deliver. With this, you can guarantee a service that can withstand wear and tear conditions. Apart from that, our products and services are competitively priced. So, you can rest assured that whatever window treatment you need for your home will satisfy you beyond expectations.

Retractable Awnings Brisbane

Retractable Awnings Brisbane

Types of Retractable Awnings in Brisbane

Competitively priced and expertly installed, our retractable awnings in Brisbane are products you’d hate to miss out on. Not to mention, they are an alternative option to transforming your outdoor space. Known for their myriad of benefits, these types of awnings have been improving our customers’ quality of life. We have a wide range of options which include:

Manual Awnings

This option is the most common type due to its affordability and strength. It involves either a vertical or horizontal cranking mechanism in order for the awning to retract or extend. While they’re durable, using them is not entirely convenient as they may require force.

Motorised Awnings

If you want to experience the ultimate comfort and convenience awnings offer, it’s best to opt for motorised ones. They are easy to operate with just one press. Our motorised retractable awnings in Brisbane are quiet, long-lasting and can run efficiently as well.

How to Choose Retractable Awnings in Brisbane

Retractable awnings are not just beautiful, they are beneficial for homeowners in Brisbane. However, with our wide range of options, you might feel a little overwhelmed. While our team will help you in making the right choice, it wouldn’t hurt to know which factors to consider when choosing your awnings.


The ultimate factor you need to consider is the mechanism of your retractable awnings. While manual options are significantly cheaper, they are harder to operate. Multistop, straight drop, pivot arm, automatic and wireguide are all manually operated blinds. Multistop and automatic are the most labour intensive manually, where as the others are crank operated and generally not as difficult to use. However, because the crank is more heavy duty they are slower to take up and down.You should also consider our side retention system Ziptrak, by renowned brand Zipscreen by Acmeda in Australia.


At Timms Curtains House, we offer a large selection of fabrics for all our products. They come in different thicknesses, colours, designs and textures. The material you will choose will significantly affect the function of your awnings, like providing shade, ambient and more.

Retractable Awnings Brisbane

Let our friendly team help you decide which retractable awnings in Brisbane fit best.